Why “Devoted Heretic”?

I call myself “Christian” because I follow the God described in the Christian Bible. I’ve vowed to serve him in particular, he’s the one who has taken care of me my whole life, and he’s the one who has the final say in everything I do. It’s him I’m in love with.

At the same time, my spiritual journey has taken me to a lot of places, notions and conclusions that a lot of Christians probably don’t agree with. For example, I believe part of my purpose on this earth is to serve in a kind of mediator capacity between humans and other spirits. Helping them understand each other. Not exactly an Evangelical doctrine. But hey, that’s me.

I’m keeping this blog both as a meditation for myself and to help anyone who might be struggling to do the same thing.

Because, boy, it can be a lonely road sometimes. So let’s journey into the finer things of this world, together.


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