The Observation Stage and Brief Contact

In my free time, I try to walk around through the parks and other green areas in my city, putting out feelers for anything supernatural.

Spirits don’t only hang around places with a lot of nature, but I’ve found that, like people, they don’t like to be disturbed, so that means they usually find quiet places that aren’t disrupted by humans. Some probably prefer hustle and bustle more than nature and quiet, but I find I have the most encounters in the quiet places.

I had an unexpected conversation with a spirit last week in my room, but I’m still not sure whether it was God or a local spirit. (They feel different to me. When it’s God/the Holy Spirit, I get this burning pressure in my heart that makes me feel like I’m going to explode in the best way. Other spirits feel different. For example, the one by my house  in America that I have the most contact with has a breezy snark about it and feels like cold water.)

The spirit I spoke with felt like some combination, so I’m not sure whether it was a kind of spirit I’d never encountered before or if God had just taken a different tone. Though based on the tone and the feeling, I’m inclined to say it was something else. Maybe from the shrine a block up the road.

It said “You fancy yourself some kind of necromancer?” I answered that I would like be, but that I had a lot to learn. (“Necromancer” meaning a medium with nature ties, rather than someone who yanks ghosts back from the dead and such. Though I am nowhere sensitive enough to call myself a medium.). I asked if it had any teachings it would like to share with me. (Never demand lessons from spirits. It’s so rude. But it’s common that, if a spirit makes contact, they have something that they’ve been wanting to tell either you as an individual, or more often, something they want to tell humanity in general, and you just happen to be the one who is listening). It gave me two points to chew on:

  1. Food is glory, but it’s also unimportant. Be okay with simplicity. (Image of an old man who eats the same kind of sandwich everyday for lunch. This is both literal and a metaphor for extravagance vs. simplicity. Extravagance often clogs up the senses.)
  2. Each element has a different energy. They connect at the stem, but you can’t really “connect to the elements” for that reason. You must choose one to align with and train to channel that energy.

I haven’t heard from that spirit since, nor have I heard from any others.

In my brief experience, spirits are shy. Especially nature spirits. They will hide and watch you for a long time before making contact and then only if they decide you aren’t dangerous (or you’re too dangerous and need to be stopped).

I’m new to this area. If there are any spirits around, they’ve probably only seen me once or twice. I’m hoping that as I visit the quiet places more frequently, we’ll get to know each other better and they’ll realize I’m not a threat. And hopefully I’ll learn how to sense them better.


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